Tenshin Roshi discusses case 30 of The Book of Equanimity, Daizui's Kalpa Fire.

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Tenshin Roshi talks about case 98 of the Blue Cliff Record, "Two Mistakes."

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Tenshin Roshi talks about the start of the training period and the importance of transmission in the Zen tradition. Roshi opens the talk with Mumon's verse from case 41 of the Gateless Gate, "Coming from the West and pointing directly to it – all the trouble comes from the transmission; The one who disturbs the monasteries is originally you."

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Tenshin Roshi talks about Case 21 of the Book of Equanimity, "Ungan Sweeps the Ground".

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Tenshin Roshi talks on Case 78 of the Book of Equanimity, "Ummon's Farm Rice Cake".

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