Tenshin Roshi talks on Case 2 of the Book of Equanimity, 'Bodhidharma's Vast Emptiness'. It is the koan that the head trainee, Eishu Twentyman, also presented a few weeks later for his dharma combat ceremony. Tenshin Roshi is the abbot of Yokoji Zen Mountain Center, a year-round Zen Buddhist Training Center located in the mountains of Southern California.

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Tenshin Roshi talks on case 55 of the Blue Cliff record, 'Won't Say'. Tenshin Roshi is the abbot of Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center.

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Tenshin Roshi talks about different elements of practice and how practice is possible where ever you are, at any time. This talk is perfect for those of us who struggle with the idea of what practice is.

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Tenshin Roshi talks on case 10 from the koan collection the Gateless Gate - "Seizei the Poor". This talk was given on July 3rd, 2011 at the close of the Beginner's Mind Sesshin at Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center.

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Tenshin Roshi talks on 'Joshu's Dog' or 'mu', the first koan in the collection known as the Gateless Gate. It is a pivotal koan in Zen Training, and Roshi talks about the basics of practice and how this koan is used.

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Tenshin Roshi talks on the 'Identity of Relative and Absolute', the text written by Sekito Kisen in the 8th Century that we chant daily as part of our morning service.

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Tenshin Roshi talks on the 'Heart Sutra', a core Buddhist text that is chanted daily in temples all around the world.

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Tenshin Roshi talks at the opening of the Spring 2011 Training Period at Yokoji about the importance of a period of time where practice is the main focus.

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Tenshin Roshi talks on Case 5 from the Gateless Gate, 'Kyogen's Man Up A Tree'.

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Tenshin Roshi talks on Case 11 from the Blue Cliff Record, Obaku's "Gobblers of Dregs".

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Tenshin Roshi discusses a variety of topics, threading together questions from the assembly and touching on the theme of New Year's resolutions.

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